About Me

My name is Paula Morales, I am a creator and I am originally from Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. I work with different media including illustration, digital art, design and medicinal plants as well as creative accompaniment. I am passionate about what I do so much that I enjoy it daily. I am passionate about textures, animals, plants, experiences, processes and adventures.


 Consultations and assessment  on creative projects with an emphasis on portfolio creation

Photo sessions with emphasis on editorial portrait - portraits in general

Creative support - in website creation and social media workflow

Organization and consulting for IG as a tool for creative folk

Custom illustrated portraits

Wearable art design - earrings - necklaces- 

Custom pattern design for fabric - fabric and finished products

Creative workshops - making of and process based

Holistic tool sharing on support on topics pertaining  anxiety and panic


I am a photographer by profession with a broad interest in editorial portraits. I am passionate about working with natural light and existing spaces. I have a Master of Arts and Technology from the San Francisco Art Institute. I work in an interdisciplinary way in which I mix my knowledge and weave it together. I am a solution-oriented person, if it does not exist we create it. I am interested in working in a personalized way, prioritizing the interests of clients. I am willing to co-create and learn.


I am in San Francisco, California but I work virtually. You can find me by email and from there we see which ways suit us.

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