Paula Morales

b. Quetzaltenango, Guatemala 1983

Paula Morales investigates the in between.  Morales' work is loaded with explorations of gender, language, place and time.  Her practice highlights injustices and largely focuses on intersectional forms. Her work is manifested through the mix of different media  where she incorporates illustration, new media and sculptural matters. She is interested in horizontal ways of creation, community building and reimagining different ways of art consumption. She has done art direction and design work as well as various publications. Morales is currently working on Mujeres Ilustradas de Guatemala, a visual archive where she illustrates and holds space for Guatemalan womxn identifying folk from different walks of life. Morales was an artist in residence at Recology SF, (San Francisco, CA).

2018 A Rose is a Screen is a Rose, Pelham Art Center, New York 

Solo Exhibitions

Currents, R/SF projects, San Francisco, CA

Paula Morales - Solo Exhibition, Roll Up Gallery; Public Works SF, San Francisco, CA
Paula Morales, Artillery A.G., San Francisco, CA

Selected Group Exhibitions


Noise Digital Festival, Orjin Maslak, Istanbul Turkey


The Heist, The San Francisco Mint, San Francisco, CA
Mirage, stART up Art Fair, San Francisco, CA
Bestiario/Menagerie, Adobe Bookstore, San Francisco, CA

San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, Las Sucias, Brava Theatre, San Francisco, CA

MASQUE, R/SF projects, San Francisco, CA
Group Show, Recology Artist in Residence Program, San Francisco, CA
4 Rooms, R/SF projects, San Francisco, CA
Postmodern Anxiety, Pro Arts Gallery, Oakland, CA
KOYAANISQANKY, Residence/SF, San Francisco, CA
Watching Themselves Live, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, CA
HELLO, The Thankyou House, Mammoth Lakes, CA
Relational Archives, Swell Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Post/Haste, Swell Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Continuing MFA Show, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Winter Show, 625 Sutter Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Spring Show, Academy of Art, San Francisco, CA

Collective Show, Wonderland Gallery SF, San Francisco, CA
CCE cinco días puertas abiertas arte contemporáneo producido en, Guatemala City, Guatemala
YPA Mentors Program, Calumet Gallery, New York, NY

La Lupe parte ii, La casa Roja, Guatemala City, Guatemala

La Lupe parte i, La casa Azul; Guatemala City, Guatemala 
Foto 30 series Memorias de familia, FLACSO

Foto 30 series Ferrocarril de los Altos, Festival Ixchel, Guatemala City, Guatemala
Collective, arte 6,  Guatemala city, Guatemala

Awards & Residencies
AIR, Residence/SF, San Francisco, CA
Recology San Francisco Artist in Residence Program, Recology, San Francisco, CA

2016, Masters of Fine Arts, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA
2014, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Photography, Academy of Art, San Francisco, CA

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