Paula Morales

I am a transdisciplinary artist that is interested in creating immersive experiences.   I alter space working with decontextualization, discarded objects, technology, illustration and constructed monuments and sculptures that enquire error/glitch aesthetic, as well as color and sensorial perceptions.  The high speed, saturated colors and overt visual content serve as a reminder of the fast paced contemporary time.  I am interested in generating sensorial engagement referencing the aesthetics of gender,  futurity, plasticity and mortality.


MFA, Candidate San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA, 2017

BFA Photography Academy of Art University 2011-2014


AIR Residence/SF San Francisco, CA 2016

Photography Album Mestizx Rebeca Lane October 2015

Art Direction for “Terra Incognita” a Narrative music video December 2014

Book Cover Design for Catafixia Editorial from June  2014 to July  2015

Volunteer Youth Mentor at First Exposures 2011 to 2013

Intern at Jim Goldberg´s Studio Magnum Photographer  from January 2012 to May 2012

Young Photographers Alliance (YPA) and ASMP mentoring program 2012


    • Bestiario/Menagerie Adobe Bookstore. January 7, 2017
    • Masque R/SF Projects November 19, 2016
    • 4 Rooms R/SF Projects. November 4, 2016
    • Feedback Swell Gallery, October 31, 2016
    • HELLO at The Thankyou House Mammoth Lakes March 10 2016
    • Relational Archives Swell Gallery  March 7 2016
    • Post/Haste Swell Gallery February 2016
    • Soundcloud Inc San Francisco August - September 2015
    • Solo Show Rollup Gallery San Francisco July - August 2015
    • Solo Show Artillery Gallery San Francisco June - present 2015
    • Exhibitions Winter Show 625 Sutter Gallery | December 3rd – 28th 2014 Academy of Art Spring Show 2014
      FOTOSÍNTESIS la fototeca with National Geographic october 10 2013 CCE cinco dias puertas abiertas arte contemporáneo producido en guatemala, guatemala city June 2013
      Sublevel show at sugar cafe san francisco april-may 2013
      YPA mentoring program exhibition calumet gallery february 2013 NYC
      RAW artists provocations exhibition october 25 2012 san francisco,ca
      BADA exhibition june-july 2011, San francisco, ca
      “La Lupe parte ii” La casa Roja January 2011
      “La Lupe parte i” la casa azul december 2010
      documentary series for red cross international war exhumations november 2010
      foto 30 series Memorias de familia photography and installation flacso september 2010 to november 2010
      foto 30 series ferrocarril de los altos september 2009
      collective exhibition for women festival ixchel Guatemala City
      2009 festival de junio centro cultural miguel angel asturias
      Zafra june 2009
      collective exhibition arte 6 en accion alianza francesa guatemala city june 2009
      pop cafe Florence, italy april - may 2006
      art bar Florence italy april-may 2006
      origenes encajados el cuartito, quetzaltenango guatemala january-february 2006


  • Arizona State University magazine "Hayden's Ferry Review" Borderlands Issue, Issue 57 Fall/Winter 2015
  • "Quizá", project "Escénica/poéticA" del CCE Guatemala y Catafixia Editorial. Book Cover Paula Morales July 2015
  • Paula Morales Radiozoa 2015
  • Dreaming one World August 2014
  • Art Crasher November 2014
  • Eduardo Espina, Editorial Catafixia. Book Cover by Paula Morales. October 2014
  • Book Cover "Escénica/poéticA" IV. "AWAS", by Rosa Chávez and Camila Camerlengo. Book Cover design Paula Morales August 2014
  • "Sutero de la letra A" de Francisco Nájera.  Book Cover by Paula Morales. Catafixia Editorial August 2014
  • ESCÉNICA/POÉTICA" [Coedition with Centro Cultural de España, Guatemala]: "Espuma sobre las piedras", Wingston González-Alejandra Garavito.  Book Cover Paula Morales. Catafixia Editorial July 2014
  • "Con quien moriré", Raúl Zurita. Collection Tz'aqol. Book Cover Paula Morales. Catafixia Editorial
  • "Estación Florida", Francisco Morales Santos. Book Cover Paula Morales.  Catafixia Editorial.
  • Parallel Planets Paula Morales in Homeworlds: All’s Fair march 2014
  • "Los muros perdidos", Isabel de los Ángeles Ruano. Collection Tz'aqol. Book Cover by Paula Morales. Editorial Catafixia 2013.
  • "Xik'ej K'al Xe'ej / Alas y raíces", Sabino Esteban. Bitol Collection. Book Cover by Paula Morales.  Editorial Catafixia 2013.
  • "Interpretación celeste", Manuel de J. Jiménez. Bitol Collection. Book Cover by Paula Morales.  Editorial Catafixia 2013.
  • "Un gato negro durmiendo en lo inesperado", Otoniel Guevara. Instante Fecundo Collection. Book Cover by Paula Morales. Catafixia-Literal, 2013
  • "Raktas", Javier Payeras. Instante fecundo Collection. Book Cover by Paula Morales. Catafixia-Lietral, 2013.
  • "Soledadbrother", Luis Carlos Pineda, Javier Payeras, Josué Sotomayor. "Escénica/poéticA". Collection. Book Cover by Paula Morales. Catafixia-Centro Cultural de España, 2013
  • "EL jardín de los infantes locos y la escafandra de oro", Cecilia Porras y Manuel Tzoc. "Escénica/poéticA" Collection. Book Cover by Paula Morales. Catafixia-Centro Cultural de España 2013
  • "Autorretrato en tránsito", José Kozer. Tz'aqol Collection. Book Cover by Paula Morales.Catafixia 2013.
  • Football burp soccer page june 26 2013
  • Beautiful Gear page june 25 2013
  • In Bed with maradona
  • Plaza Publica May 2013
  • Publi News
  • Publication magazine Folk january 2010
  • Photographer for Cultural and Dominical section at Siglo XXI newspaper, january 2008- december 2009 Guatemala.
  • Publications in various editions of online magazine Luna Park
  • Magazine Algarero Cultural number 17 march 2009 Online recompilation
  • Online recompilation Amalgamas Errantes
  • Magazine La Cuerda 2009
  • Magazine Imagina Edición Roja Amor y Erotismo september 2009
  • Magazine Ati may-june 2009
  • Magazine Ati july 2008 Magazine
  • Faces newspaper Siglo XXI
  • Publication in El Periódico fotos Extinción y La Tona Bajo el Arco
  • Publication Diario de Centro América publicación fotos obra de teatro “El Juego”
  • Magazine La Cuadra Enero 2007

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