About Me

I am an interdisciplinary artist,  I explore the intersections between different mediums, styles and cultures.  Drawing on my background in photography, art and technology, I create vibrant and thought provoking works that bridge and challenge traditional notions of art and identity.  I am deeply inspired by the power of color as a language and a tool for communication. 

I am specially skilled in systems thinking using my ability to see connections and patterns to help identify needs and create solutions. 

Whether I am working in paint pixels, sound or project management or creation, I seek to create work that is both accesible and resonant, inviting viewers to engage with my ideas and perspectives through co creation. 

Collaboration is an essential part of my creative process, and I am always eager to work with others to bring projects to life. I believe art has the power to transform communities, and I am committed to using my skills and talents to make a difference. 

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