Our Team

Who we are

Alexander Meinke is a German native who for the last 12 years has called the bay area home, a true music aficionado and crafty candle maker and pottery lover Alex is a fun guy.  Paula Morales is a Guatemalan native who has been in the bay for almost 10 years her expertise ranges from multimedia art, illustration to community herbalism. We are great problem solvers and system thinkers and will definitely bring the spin you are looking for. Our paths have coincided and we are best friends and awesome team mates. We are proud parents to a Chihuahua and a Netherland dwarf bunny. Hire us and join our unconventional and fun approach to working.


Portraiture - we offer portrait sessions out in nature and the city as well as studio portraits.  Fast fun and dynamic sessions that can capture your moments for a lifetime.  We offer packets that include physical and digital prints.  

Workshops - hands on workshops that offer useful skills to have.  From creating your own planter to making hot process soap.  Check in constantly to see what the workshops that are being offered are.  We are open to working by your side to craft personal workshops.

Apparel - Are you looking for apparel that has your logo or art on it? We offer this service.  You can either hire us to come up with the imaging and art you want on the pieces or you can send us your own art.  We offer t-shirts, hoodies, fanny packs, tote bags and more.  

More - you've seen the work we do and love it and have an idea and want to work together perhaps a music video? or a piece that represents your project? you want to chat on co creation possibilities? Shoot us a line! We love a challenge and are open to creative projects that involve collaboration. 

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